Does Mutterfly screen the customers before delivery? | Mutterfly

Does Mutterfly screen the customers before delivery?

Yes, we do.

At Mutterfly, our aim is to create a trusted community where sharing is easy and secure. To ensure this, each customer who places an order on Mutterfly has to upload their below details as part of Mutterfly's KYC ( Know your customer) process. 

Social Media Accounts ( Facebook or LinkedIn)
Profession ( Student / Self-Employed/ Employed/ Freelancer)
Govt ID ( Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport)
Address Proof ( Required in case the Govt. ID does not match the address proof)

The above details are mandatory and customers need to upload all the relevant details in order to complete their verification.

Once this data is uploaded, Team Mutterfly verifies this on the backend before delivering the items to the customer.

We value the trust you place in Mutterfly and we know this trust is crucial for our long term growth. Your item’s safety is our priority and we are always looking for ways to make our security stronger.