What if I accidentally lose a product? | Mutterfly

What if I accidentally lose a product?

If customers aren't able to return the products to Mutterfly due to unrepairable damage/loss/theft, Mutterfly classifies this as 'Loss of Products.'

In such a scenario, customers are liable to repay the market value of the exact same product. The product information and payment terms will be shared with the customers by Team Mutterfly. The payment will be first adjusted from the deposit and customers will be required to make the remaining payment via NEFT or payment link shared by Team Mutterfly. In case the customer is not able to make the payment, Mutterfly will be charging a daily rent for all days until the payment is received.

Kindly note, the rent amount will not be included in the final payment for the loss of products. For e.g., if you have paid a rent of Rs 2,000 and security deposit of Rs 5000. If the product costs Rs. 10,000, you will be required to pay an additional Rs 5000 ( 10,000 - 5,000).