Why do I need to provide my professional & address details? | Mutterfly

Why do I need to provide my professional & address details?

At Mutterfly, we insist on high security standards and this has always been the  foundation of our growing network.

Today, an average price of item rented on Mutterfly is Rs 54,500 and to encourage our lenders to continue sharing their valuable items without hesitation, we insist on knowing our customers better. 

As part of Mutterfly's KYC (Know your customer) process, customers are required to Verify and upload the below documents after their payment is complete

- Social Media Accounts ( Facebook or LinkedIn)
- Profession ( Student / Self-Employed/ Employed/ Freelancer)
- Govt ID ( Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport)
- Address Proof ( Required in case the Govt. ID does not match the address proof)

The above details are mandatory and customers need to upload all the relevant details in order to complete their verification.

Once this data is uploaded, Team Mutterfly will be verifying your profile on the backend. If all looks great, we will approve your profile and no further action will be required from your end.

Kindly note, in case the customer has not completed the verification process before the Delivery date, we will not be able to deliver your items.

We take great pride in our security and you can be rest assured that your data will be safely held with Mutterfly and will never be shared with any third parties. In case you want to check out the Verification process, you can do so by visiting Settings --> Verification.